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07/09/2010: New ITT-Lowara e-SV pumps.

07/09/2010: New ITT-Lowara e-SV pumps.

Product Information

ITT Lowara Introduces New e-SV™ Line of Stainless Steel, Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps


Provides - Energy Savings, Lower Life Cycle Costs

Montecchio Maggiore, September 1, 2010 – ITT has enhanced its Lowara line of stainless steel, vertical multi-stage pumps with the introduction of new e-SV™ models. Featuring an innovative hydraulic design and efficiency characteristics that significantly lower lifecycle costs and increase energy savings, the pumps are suited for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.

The new pumps also have a number of design innovations that allow easy installation and significantly reduce maintenance time. . The “O” ring seat is designed to allow easy disassembly of the outer sleeve, and the mechanical seal can be replaced without removing the motor.

The new hydraulic design provides superior NPSHr levels; additionally, the all-stainless steel construction allows to get WRAS and ACS certification enabling the e-SV™ pump to meet municipalities’ requirements for pure water while providing superior corrosion resistance.

“Environmental and economic conditions are driving the need and demand for more energy-saving, high-performance pumps,” said Chris Jamieson, V.P., Global Marketing, ITT Residential & Commercial Water. “We designed the new e-SV™ line to be the most energy efficient pump in its class, as well as easy to install and economical to maintain, enabling lower operational and lifecycle costs. ”

Other special features of the new e-SV™ pump include:

  • Superior pump efficiency that allows greater energy savings with lower horsepower motors. And when combined with ITT’s HydroVar® controller, the e-SV™ pump offers an additional minimum10% savings potential from the previous generation pump, and a ‘green’ system solution

  • E-SV™ pump’s innovative hydraulic design results in lower NPSHR, reducing piping and elevation expenses by over 20%

  • Robust design methods targeting an MTBF of 20,000 hours

  • Expanded pump portfolio allowing pump selection aligned with optimum duty point for greater cost-efficiency

  • Impeller axial thrust is minimized, resulting in longer bearing life and use of standard motor configurations

  • Patented i-ALERT™ monitor continually measures vibration to support optimum performance.  Standard on pumps 10HP and above.

“The introduction of the e-SV™ line reinforces ITT’s commitment to developing green, sustainable products,” said Ken Napolitano, President, ITT Residential & Commercial Water. “We take our global water leadership position very seriously and are focused on helping our customers deliver the energy-efficient, eco-friendly products and systems that people want and need.”

The e-SV™ pump can be used for many applications, including:

  • “Green building” applications requiring high energy efficiency

  • Water supply and pressure boosting

  • Water treatment

  • Light industry

  • Irrigation and farming

  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning


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