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ADCA DF15 Noise Diffuser

ADCA DF15 Noise Diffuser

Product Information
The ADCA DF15 all stainless steel noise diffuser spreads out the high velocity discharge from steam or air traps while dampening the level of noise associated with steam or compressed air trap cycles.
Connections are female screwed.
MAIN FEATURES A reduction of about 80% of noise can be expected measured at 1 meter from the application. Simple and compact design.
OPTIONS: USE: AVAILABLE MODELS: SIZES: CONNECTIONS: INSTALLATION: CAUTION: Outlet without thread, suitable for direct discharge to atmosphere ( DF16 ). Saturated steam and compressed air. On the discharge of steam or air traps, blowdown valves, air cylinders etc. DF15 and DF16. 1/2", 3/4" and 1” Female screwed ISO 7/1 Rp (BS21) Horizontal or vertical installation. Before installing the diffuser, blow all dirt and scale from the system. Diffuser discharge must be oriented towards the floor or other suitable enclosure. Do not install the diffuser in such a manner that it may cause an accidental exposure to the discharge.

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