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ARI-SAFE Safety Valves.

ARI-SAFE Safety Valves.

Product Information

Safety Valves

Direct Loaded Safety Valves for blowing off excess pressure of steam, vapor, gases and liquid from pressure vessels, steam boiler, hot water boiler and piping systems. ARI-"SAFE" safety valves are available in full-stroke and normal versions.


  • ARI-SAFE-ANSI Safety Valves
  • ARI-SAFE-TC Safety Valves
  • ARI-SAFE-TCP Safety Valves
  • ARI-SAFE-TCS Safety Valves

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  • Blow-off function prevents excessive operating pressure from endangering the system.
  • Metal seated or soft seating plugs are available.
  • Stainless steel stroke support fixed directly to the plug.
  • Precise centering and guiding of plug and stem.
  • Available in cast iron, cast carbon steel and stainless steel. (also available with metal bellows stem seal).
  • Available with a variety of end connections, hoods and lifting levers.


  • Standard: Steam, neutral gases, vapors and liquids
  • Stainless Steel: Steam, aggressive gases, vapors and liquids

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