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Since 1948 till today
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Membrane Capsule Steam Traps

Membrane Capsule Steam Traps

Product Information

Straight pattern
Flanges, Butt weld ends, Socket weld ends, Screwed sockets, Union with butt weld ends

GG-25 (0.6025)
GTS 35-10 (0.8135)
C22.8 (1.0460)
X8CrNiS 189 (1.4305)
X5CrNi 1810 (1.4301)
X6CrNiTi1820 (1.4541)

Nominal diameter:
DN 15 - 50

Nominal pressure:
PN 6, 16, 40
Class 150, 300

Steam, condensate

In dependence on material and pressure (see product catalogue)


  • For discharge of small subcooled up to high subcooled condensate
  • Automatic air venting during start-up and operation of the plant
  • Installation in every position
  • Integral strainer screen
  • Design without gaskets due to sealing effect of metal contours (PN40, DN15-25)
  • Choice of 4 different optimized capsule types - from 5 to max. 40 K subcooling
  • High response sensitivity
  • Exact control characteristic
  • Robust and insensitive to water-hammer
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