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Featured Product
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Since 1948 till today
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Howat Electric Heaters.

Howat Electric Heaters.

Product Information

The Howat electric water heaters are provided in a full range of sizes as well as in special sizes, after order, and they guarantee the supply of hot water economically and quickly.
Their perfect manufacture guarantees strength, quality, excellent operation and mainly, absolute safety according to international standards. They are manufactured and offered in three types: floor, vertical and horizontal types.

Technical Features:

1. Outer thermo-tank cover made of special 0,6-mm-thick steel sheet which is painted with electrostatic paint.
2. Thermometer
3. Outlet for service hot water
4. Electric resistance made of copper, with adjustable safety thermostat.
5. Inlet for cold water
6. Safety valve 10-12atm
7. Anodic protection with magnesium rod for optimum internal protection against salts and electrolysis.
8. Internal special enamel coating based on glass - hardened at temperature >850oC according to DIN 4753 for optimum protection and strength of the boiler.
Thermo-tank made of special 2-mm-thick steel tested at 18atm pressure.
10. Ecological 30-mm-thick polyurethane insulation which retains the hot water temperature and guarantees that the thermal losses are reduced to the minimum.

Available Sizes: 5, 10, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 & 120ltr.


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