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ITT-Lowara TLC Seriers Wet Rotor Circulators

ITT-Lowara TLC Seriers Wet Rotor Circulators

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Threaded wet rotor circulators for residential, light commercial heating and sanitary systems

HIGH COMFORT, SILENT RUNNING: Reduced noise level thanks to shaft and bearings made of ceramic.

EASY INSTALLATION / MAINTENANCE: Save time when installing the pump

The pump is easily bled by simply opening the venting screw placed in the center of the top cover.

The liquid will fill the circuit quicker and the pump will sooner reach its running conditions.

The integration of the terminal box in the motor not only reduces the physical space needed, but also

makes it easier to install and connect the pump.

The screw on the top cover gives you direct access to the motor shaft for easy unblocking of rotor

using a simple screwdriver.

WIDE RANGE: Better performance coverage

The range of Lowara threaded wet rotor circulators can satisfy head requirements up to 12m.

ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: The future is green

With the introduction of the new models TLCSOL and TLCK, Lowara wants to support the usage of

alternative energies such as the solar and the geothermal ones.




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