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Vulkan 19-3T Fountain Nozzle

Vulkan 19-3T Fountain Nozzle

Product Information

19 jets, 3 steps, 3 mm jet diameter, adjustable spray


Material Tombac
Profinaut 21 Ø cm /H cm 340/500
Profinaut 27 Ø cm /H cm 312/550
Profinaut 40 Ø cm /H cm 370/615
Nautilus 200 Ø cm /H cm 90/115
Nautilus 250 Ø cm /H cm 145/200
Nautilus 350 Ø cm /H cm 200/270
Nautilus 400 Ø cm /H cm 260/360
Nautilus 450 Ø cm /H cm 270/410
Nautilus 6000 Ø cm /H cm 200/220
Nautilus 8000 Ø cm /H cm 260/310
Nautilus 12000 Ø cm /H cm 350/400
Aquarius 4000E Ø cm /H cm 170/150
Aquarius 5000E Ø cm /H cm 190/200
Aquarius 7000E Ø cm /H cm 200/280
Atlantis 200/230V Ø cm /H cm 500/550
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