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LOOP4U: not just a program for selecting the Lowara pump but also a work tool.

ITT Lowara has developed a program to help technicians and sales personnel select the most efficient pumping system configuration.
It is extremely easy to use: the user is guided in the selection of the most suitable configuration by a clear and simple graphic interface.
The program searches for the required pump model based on the data entered by the user, and enables subsequent fine tunings of the selection through all the possible configurations of the installation and pipefittings.

LOOP4U is an extremely useful work tool, designed to help technicians and sales personnel draft offers more quickly and efficiently.
This prevents any chance of selecting either an oversized pump or one with inadequate performance, thus ensuring greater operating efficiency and energy savings.

LOOP4U is not just a technologically advanced product selection program, it is also a work tool capable of generating, in an incredibly short time, a complete and personalized offer, supplemented by a wealth of technical material and presented in an appealing and comprehensive manner.

The versatility of this new tool is further enhanced by the possibility of personalizing the documentation with the customer's logo and address, of generating the offer in PDF format and sending it directly by e-mail.

There are other characteristics that make LOOP4U an advanced software product. First of all, it allows you to supplement the material generated directly by the software with documents outside the database in order to obtain a more comprehensive offer.
Furthermore, LOOP4U features a statistics form for efficient offer filing and management.

Finally, LOOP4U can be updated through the web: new products and calculation methods can thus be added without forcing the user to install new software, risking possible loss of user data.

LOOP4U is available on CD; a web version is under development.

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