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Bitron UVC Devices.

Bitron UVC Devices.

Product Information
No more green water!

The BITRON range by OASE fights algae in murky ponds with innovative and specially developed technology for the garden pond.

The water is treated with UVC rays during the pre-clarifying process. The algae flocculates and can therefore be filtered out easily in the mechanical/biological filter. At the same time the pathogens contained in the pond water are reduced through the UVC light rays.

  • A specially designed bypass system ensures that part of the water is directed past the UVC light tube whereas another part of the water is delivered directly to the filter. This maintains the necessary biological balance within the filter.
  • The flow rate through the bypass system can be regulated to create perfect conditions for any pond.
  • The integrated easy-to-handle cleaning mechanism ensures optimal performance of the UVC light.
  • And on top of that: BITRON devices operate for a long period of time without the need for maintenance. The integrated permanent magnet largely prevents calcification.
The product advantages:
  • Unique combination of UVC light and permanent magnet.
  • The permanent magnet prevents the calcification of important pump and filter parts.
  • The UVC light flocculates green algae. Thus filtering is facilitated and pathogens are destroyed.
  • All clarifiers have an integrated cleaning system, which insures that the full radiation of the UVC light is effective.
  • Visual function control.
  • Bitron UVC devices are available in 4 variants (Bitron 15/25/36/72).
  • They are easy to mount on the Biotec filters

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