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Since 1948 till today
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Sicce SpA

Sicce SpA
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Halley Floodlight 12V Halley Floodlight 12V
Halley: Immersible directional halogen spot with an attractive design and complete with 12V transformer. It is supp…
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Sicce Shark Advance Filters Sicce Shark Advance Filters
Sicce Shark Advance Filters Sicce has revolutionised the internal power filter with the Shark ADV, which is available i…
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Sicce Micron Internal Filter Sicce Micron Internal Filter
Micron Internal filter for aquariums, turtle tanks and paludariums with flow adjustment and interchangeable cartridge. …
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Sicce Co2 Life 1 System. Sicce Co2 Life 1 System.
Product Information This NEW fertilization system without bottle and others external tools (PATENTED), is provided wit…
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Sicce Scuba Immersion Heaters Sicce Scuba Immersion Heaters
Scuba Heaters: Adjustable heater from 50W Fully immersible automatic thermostats designed for use in paludariums, turt…
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